Stimulating the senses

The film “Call Me by Your Name” is as much about the setting in which it takes place as it is about the characters and their stories. “Somewhere in Northern Italy” are the words scrawled across the screen in the opening credits.  What follows is a sensuous love story and an intimate, detailed journey that, not only brings you into the character’s lives, but into the lazy hazy summertime of northern Italy.

The scenes were shot nearby Marco’s hometown of Cremona and capture 1983 with care and attention, bringing him back to his childhood, reminiscing. The tone perfectly captures the warmth and passion of Italian lifestyle, and, I think, the sentiment that travelers to Italy often savor. There is an earthy and beautiful lust for life portrayed in the romance and in the setting itself.

Italian food also has this simple carnal beautiful quality evoked in the film. It reminds me of what I love about Italian cooking:  the lust for life, the earthy goodness of ingredients, the juicy ripe fruit, the physicality in the making of a meal, and the resulting pleasure to the senses.

Pasta is a perfect example of this. The basic semolina wheat, salt and water mixed together and kneaded with hands that produces edible shapes to dress with sauce. It is a process where the body is fully immersed in the act of producing, a physical dance with earth’s bounty, resulting in pleasure. Click here for how to make this pasta.

The craft of filmmaking in “Call Me by Your Name” is clearly on display in this film. The cinematography, the acting, the music, the editing all work together to promote this beautiful portrait of northern Italy. The craft of photography in my blog is important to me and is usually limited by my iPhone photos. This week we have the pleasure of a guest photographer, our friend Martin Provost of Montreal, who composed the images we have here. Please check out more of his art by clicking here.

Buon appetito!

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  1. These images are absolutely beautiful! I will have to check out the movie you mentioned. Have you made mostaccioli cookies?

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