Soul and stomach

My sister just got back from a week in Italy. We were texting and I typed, “buon rientro!”, which is “happy return to work from vacation” in Italian. She responded that Italy must be good for her soul, because the adjustment back to work went a lot smoother than usual.  We then made dinner plans to swap Italy stories and chose our favorite, Firenze (click here), where, I told her “. . . it will bring you right back there!. . . with your soul and stomach!”

Italy is good for the soul. There is something about the relaxed pace, the warmth of the people, the timeless beauty, the down-to-earth goodness that feeds the soul.

And, Italy is good for the stomach! By that, of course I mean that the food is wonderful. I think that Italians have an innate respect for the ingredients that make a meal. It is possible to make a delicious dish with minimal quality items that combine to produce a satisfying flavor. There is also a natural mindfulness to eating where the awareness of flavor and the noticing of texture afford a truly pleasurable experience that satisfies the senses.

The lasagne pictured here is one of my favorites. I learned this from Marco’s mother and you can make it by clicking here. The bolognese sauce, béchamel, fresh ground nutmeg, mozzarella, grana padano, and lasagne are the few ingredients that combine for this version of the classic dish. On a cold winter day this food will feed your stomach and your soul!

Buon appetito!

What do you think? Cosa pensi?