Deconstructed crostini of roasted figs, whipped ricotta, and balsamic glaze

When figs were in season, Marco whipped up his idea to de-construct a crostini with roasted fig, ricotta, and a balsamic glaze. Simple ingredients with a wonderful compliment of flavors; salty sweet ripe tart crunchy goodness. He used a panini press to toast the bread slices, then rubbed them lightly (click here to read more about how to make this simple fettunta right) with the cut half of a garlic clove, drizzled with EVOO, and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. He grilled the slices of figs. He whipped fresh ricotta with a small amount of heavy cream until reaching a desired consistency. Then, he simmered some balsamic with a little honey, reducing it about 1/3 to drizzle over the fig and ricotta fabrication.

A tasty appetizer or tapas to enjoy accompanied by other small sharable plates. . .


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