Several years ago, I met my Italian husband at a conference in Sweden. After some exploration about living in Italy, we decided to remain in the United States, but. . . with a pact. We agreed that we would do our utmost to live here, but with the deliberate focus on living as much as we could. . .the “Italian lifestyle”.

This blog will be about the ways that we have attempted this goal. We do this in the ways that we cook and eat. This pact has affected the jobs that we have chosen and their location. It affects how we raise our child. We craft our weekends with this in mind. It will entail sharing from our lives and that of our family; two cultures coming together under one roof.

Our goal is simple. . . to share thoughts about the Italian life, La Bella Vita, the beautiful life from the prospective of one family. We will share: our lives, our recipes, videos that illustrate Italian cooking, photos, thoughts, musings about life, some psychology, healthy aging. . . etc. . .Thank you for joining us on this journey and we look forward to The Bella Vita together!

Musings about Italian food, life, and culture from America

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